Help needed in Belgrade, Maine

They need your help to complete this project!

 Carpenters,  Electricians, Plumbers, Laborers, painters, rakers,  cleaners, etc.   

 We need to clear a path and 6 campsites, build 6 platforms and fire pits, build one large bonfire pit with seating, install 2 showers and 2 toilets, build an office, make and install signage, and landscape.

Come join the Project!

If you can help build at the Veterans Family Camp.


 Contact: Joel & Crista Lavenson


phone:  207-689-8004

email: [email protected]

at 109 Sahagian Road, Belgrade, Maine 04917

Veterans Family Camp logo

In January of 2013 long time camp owners & directors, Joel & Crista Lavenson teamed up with wounded veterans and a local Maine non-profit organization to create a vacation home away from home for wounded warriors and their families at their overnight camp for kids.  

After 35 years of life-changing summers, Joel decided to “retier” and focus on his true passion – serving veterans more full time.  

Joel has a special passion for helping Veterans as a veteran himself (US Army 66 -72 and nephew of George Lavenson one of the original Band of Bothers)  who specializes in helping veterans with PTSD and their families in the readjustment process. Joel has had the same dream as his uncle for veterans.

4 Brand New Trailers rolling out to Standby station ready for deployment to a Veteran in Need. 6 more Trailers have moved in to be worked on.  Right now about 18 trailers are out serving a Veteran in need.  There’s a lot more out there to help.

The First Bank in Mid-Coast is a Major Supporter of Boothbay V. E. T. S. Inc. Ed Harmon discribes our mission and our goals and shows how we support Veterans in Maine.  Don’t tell us we there isn’t a way to help Homeless in Maine.  We have over 200 Veterans in Maine.  We can do it one trailer at a time, but we need your help.

We   Build   Hope….

Helping homeless veterans, one trailer at a time – By NEWS Center Maine

In 2020 Ed Harmon, became aware of a terrible situation concerning homeless veterans.   The veterans subsequently died due to exposure because of the lack of a proper shelters.  

Our Mission is to provide short term shelter for Homeless Veterans who do not have immediate access to shelter.   At the present we are partnered with Maine Department of Veterans Affairs to identify current needs.   There are at least 100 or more Homeless Veterans who meet these criteria at any point in time in the State of Maine.  

Currently we have constructed a Prototype and many shelters, building a total of 22 Shelters, which is currently being used as a demonstration model and found functioning units.   Of the many functioning units have been made available to the Veterans Affairs and all units are being occupied by homeless veterans.   This has been done with donated funds, services and materials.   As a note, if we were to have paid full cost for all materials, each unit would have cost in excess of nine thousand dollars.   The out of pocket cost for a completed unit is nearly $5200.   

We have received all the units we ordered. There is plans to deploy these unit soon as constructions are complete. To retro fit for the completed homeless trailers.   The increase cost is due to increase pricing of both the bare trailers and an increase in the cost of heaters.  

These completed trailers are ready for occupancy with super insulation, refrigerators, microwaves, beds, heaters, port-a-potty and bedding.   There is no running water as we do live in Maine and wind can be cold, also the variety of location does not insure availability of secured hookups.  

We hope you will want to partner in to help meet this growing need.

Thank you,

Ed Harmon – President 

Installing Window into the trailer.
Installing Flooring in the trailer.
Trailers arriving completed Trailers
Warm Bed and a place to call home Warm Bed and a place to call home